Welcome to the Beam Community Faucet. Enter your address below to get some free Beam for testing, and to have some fun with. If you don’t have a wallet yet, you can get one here. The Faucet is maintained through donation, so all contributions are welcomed.

Faucet balance: 9.37601981 Beams

Send any amount of Beams to 1c8c81380b66e9eedc86dfce9ad0c7db0a64af9d5e261e50d7eef5d9d3def99c254 address to refill the faucet balance!

Faucet balance: 5,000,000 Beams

Testnet faucet sends 10 beams for testing

Faucet balance: 5,000,000 Beams

Masternet faucet sends 10 beams for testing